The current world backdrop has provided all of us with more time to dedicate to adding new things to our daily routine, and doing old things in a new way. Many of us enjoy visiting our beauty therapist for advice and treatments, but sadly beauty therapists have had to shut shop indefinitely. Even beauty counters at beauty stores like Mecca Max and department stores have had to close, leaving us all to our own devices.

As Miss Australia, but also a qualified beautician with a small business of my own, I decided to create a new column dedicated to share my simple and cheap beauty tricks. I have been sharing these with my own clients, over all these years, and now I am pleased now to offer them to you, without any obligation or charge. Each component will all be in bite sized chunks and not too complicated, so that you will be able to implement them straight away. Feel free to ask questions and make comments.  This is my own small part I can contribute in a world where lock down is preventing the conveniences we have become used to, like beauty advice from our therapist. 

If you find the below beauty tip of interest, you may wish to make a small donation to the Sunlight Foundation, for which I am Ambassador. The Sunlight Foundation’s objectives include sourcing and funding medical, health and well-being programs and then making them available to survivors, as well as residential and nutritional projects for survivors and children vulnerable to the trade.


My most important beauty tip would be drinking water. Okay, that is no secret, but how you do it is key. I don’t mean gulping a lot of water a few times a day, when you feel dehydrated. I actually mean continually sipping the water throughout the day. This ensures the water actually will go to your skin too, instead of your organs only to replenish them from dehydration. Also, the water should not be cold (as though from a fridge) or warm, it needs to be body temperature. This ensures the water can go straight to your skin, and your body won’t need to warm or cool it down first.