An international panel of esteemed judges has awarded the prestigious Miss Australia International Crown to Tiffany Shen, originally from China and now a naturalised Australian.

Honoured by her new title,  Tiffany is determined to further create public awareness and practical support to charities that work tirelessly to protect Cambodian children from the horrors of sex trafficking.

For one of these, the Sunlight Foundation, Tiffany has already been announced the Ambassador. Earlier this year, Tiffany travelled to Cambodia to meet with UNICEF to discuss unscrupulous orphanage problems where fake/unlicensed orphanages send children on money-making excursions like prostitution, as well as charities on the ground and she also visited Svay Pak, a small village with a grim past as a 1990’s hub for underage prostitution and trafficking. 

Tiffany said her Cinderella story, from normal Chinese girl to Princess, has been inspired by her own mother, who made tough sacrifices that would give her daughter more choices for her future.

“I owe this entire journey to my own precious mother and everything she has done for me, her daughter. She did everything she could to ensure I had a childhood and a better future. Now, as we head toward International Women’s Day, I hope to inspire other girls, that they can be and do whatever is in their heart.”

Having received the glittering title of Miss Australia International, Tiffany will be guaranteed a greater public profile from which to create public awareness and provide practical support to charities that work tirelessly to protect children from the horrors of sex trafficking.

“Quite clearly, this atrocious crime is trying to stay undetected so that it may continue to profit from illegal, lucrative activities like sex tourism. But I will work with the Sunlight Foundation to ensure that doesn’t happen,” she said.

“Stamping out this shocking activity is really just one piece of the puzzle. The other issue is to provide decent opportunities for victims to somehow create a life for themselves whilst living with the mental and physical scars they have acquired. Young mothers need to learn how to be a kind, caring parent, something which they tragically didn’t experience.”

Tiffany is a talented pianist, having had the great fortune of attending the famous Shenyang Conservatory of Music (China) for 8 years, and she also has a successful beauty business called DreamT in Melbourne that specializes in eyebrow and eyelash services. 

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