UNICEF Cambodia – Putting words into action

Actions speak louder than words for Caroline Springs woman Tiffany Shen. The Miss Australia International finalist says she’s made a commitment to be a voice for sexually exploited, vulnerable children and recently went to Cambodia to learn more about the crime. During the trip, Ms Shen visited the UNICEF office to meet the child rescue […]


I was just recently in Cambodia meeting front line charities involved in rescuing and restoring young girls sold into the sex trade, meeting many of the girls, and seeing up close the poverty that creates this vile practice. One of these amazing charities is Destiny Rescue, an internationally-recognised Christian non-profit organisation dedicated to rescuing children […]


I was disgusted to read recently that the rapper T.I subjects his daughter to the degrading ritual of “virginity testing”. I couldn’t decide if he was protecting a higher bride-price for his daughter in the marketplace or callously demonstrating his power over a woman by forcing his will on her rights to her own body. Probably both, I concluded, as […]

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