Activist is a real beauty – Tiffany Shen

Caroline Springs activist Tiffany Shen has been crowned Miss Australia International. Ms Shen, originally from China, said she owes her crown to her mother. “I owe this entire journey to my own precious mother and everything she has done for me, her daughter. She did everything she could to ensure I had a childhood and […]


During the bushfires Australians faced a catastrophe. Our homeland was on fire, our fellow citizens were losing their livelihoods, their homes and even their lives. Our native animals were being horribly burnt in their millions. Our response? As a nation, though sadly absent of our leaders, we rallied as one people and gave our love, […]

What Does International Women’s Day Mean to Me?

This day celebrates a proud history of women’s battle for rights stretching back more than 100 years. From the pioneering vision of Clara Zetkin in 1910 when the idea of “A Women’s Day” to press for women’s rights was first launched, through the heroic Pankhurst Suffragettes, to the women leaders who have emerged around the […]


An international panel of esteemed judges has awarded the prestigious Miss Australia International Crown to Tiffany Shen, originally from China and now a naturalised Australian. Honoured by her new title,  Tiffany is determined to further create public awareness and practical support to charities that work tirelessly to protect Cambodian children from the horrors of sex trafficking. […]

UNICEF Cambodia – Putting words into action

Actions speak louder than words for Caroline Springs woman Tiffany Shen. The Miss Australia International finalist says she’s made a commitment to be a voice for sexually exploited, vulnerable children and recently went to Cambodia to learn more about the crime. During the trip, Ms Shen visited the UNICEF office to meet the child rescue […]

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