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I am the proud winner of Miss Australia International, 2020, in The Australian International Pageant. This is a worldwide movement that recognises and celebrates women whose voices strive to make a difference.

I believe every child deserves a childhood where they can play, learn and be kept safe from harm, which is why I support The Sunlight Foundation's aim to fight the vile business of child sex trafficking. This is the loathsome crime where children are sold as trophies to sex-tourists, local officials and businessmen, then passed on to endure obscene violence in the sex-slums in Cambodia. Thailand and elsewhere in Asia. Even finding their way here, to Australia.

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Well, you can probably guess from my name that my family never arrived here with the First Fleet. My original home was North China but in 2013 we moved from Shenyang where the inhabitants have earned a reputation for fortitude - it has two seasons, winter and July - to Melbourne where it has as many seasons in the same day.

I graduated from the Shenyang Conservatory of Music, which counts Lang Lang as its most famous pupil, my talents though are rather more modest. But I love to play and am a reasonably accomplished pianist and singer. I also run my own beauty business. But what is most exciting about my life at the moment is that I have just been crowned Miss Australia International, 2020.

My mum's sacrifices to give me a better life has been the inspiration for me to not only succeed at my own aspirations, but to champion that of others. While I have this wonderful opportunity as Miss Australia International, I want to tell the stories of children who do not have their own voices.

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